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13961 Series C-Band Interference Filters

Manufacturer: Microwave Filter Co.
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The Model 13961 is a lightweight, low-profile C-band bandpass filter and is ideal for multifeed applications requiring side-by-side placement of filters (adequate radome clearance is required). This unit virtually eliminates interference caused by navigational communications (radar) of commercial and military aircraft, as well as coastal and marine vessels operating at frequencies above and below the C-band. Since this filter operates at the C-band frequencies LNB (or LNA) saturation from these strong out-of-band signals is avoided.

The Model 13961WE has a Tri-Metal plating, for less Insertion loss (0.3dB Approx @ center band) which is intended for marginal signal strength or international applications.  
The WE series Tri-Metal plating is also an excellent corrosion inhibitor.

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