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CMOD Series Compact Digital Modulator

NSC Item Number: H-AC3-CMOD
Manufacturer: Thor Broadcast
MSRP: $1,248.75
Price: $1,051.58

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Product Specs

Thor Broadcast Compact Modulator (CMOD) with Dolby AC/3

Available in three channel formats: QAM, ATSC, DVB-T and ISDB-T

The CMOD series is the best, compact and most cost effective Full HD modulator on the market.The perfect solution to distribute any 720p / 1080i / 1080p FULL HD Video Signalsto an unlimited number of HD Plasmas over the existing coax cables.

H-AC3-CMOD series units are part of the popular CMOD series of digital HDTV encoder modulator systems formally known as VQAM. Like all CMOD systems, this platform is available in three versions for use with over 95% of the worlds broadband TV systems. Advances in technology have reduced component size to the scale that Thor can now integrate every system and component necessary for a digital HDTV headend into a single handheld unit. CMOD systems are combination devices that bundle a real time MPEG hardware encoder, DTV transport stream generator, and agile RF frequency modulator in a single enclosure. Any HDMI live video source can now be converted to an open TV channel for insertion and distribution over cable & antenna TV coax systems. The generated program can be viewed natively on any television set with its built in tuner.

  • HDMI Input up to 1.5A @1080p60
  • HDCP licenced
  • Play any recorded TS file from USB Drive
  • 1 HDTV Carrier RF Output full HD 1080p60
  • Record Live HD Video Input to USB TS File
  • Loop content from USB drive continuously
  • 1 HDTV Carrier RF Output full HD 1080p60
  • Record Live HD Video Input to USB TS File
  • Loop content from USB drive continuously
  • AC3 Audio Encoding Avialable (model number specific)
  • Integrates fully independent encoders with a TS Generator and modulator
  • Available for most world RF channel formats: QAM, ATSC, DVB-C, DVB-T
  • Supports full HD 1080p60 input & encoding from any HDMI input source
  • Models supporting AC3 Dolby audio have official licenced encoding chipsets
  • USB storage feature for recording input and playing TS files from any source
  • Adjustable output power eliminates the need for RF amplifier, > +40 dBmV
  • Supports alternate encoding cards for application specific projects- Inquire

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