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AMCM-860 Agile Modulator Module (Mono or Stereo)

Manufacturer: Blonder Tongue Labs
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The AMCM-860 is part of B-T's Modular Headend System and it provides modulated aural and visual carriers on any channel in the 54 to 860 MHz range. Standard CATV, IRC, HRC and Broadcast channel frequency plans are all accommodated. Pre-programmed FCC 21006 offsets provides frequency compliance on all mandated channels automatically. Setting the desired output channel is easily accomplished with the LED channel display and using push button up/down switches. Once the desired channel is reached on the display the enter push button must be depressed to evoke the change. This feature prevents interference to other channels in the headend by going directly to the desired output channel rather than stepping through channels as indicated on the display. The enter button feature also guards against accidental up/down button touches that would otherwise cause inadvertent channel change. Should the enter button not be pushed within 30 seconds, the display will return to the original channel in memory.

The modulator utilizes SAW filtering with FCC group delay pre-distortion to provide true vestigial sideband selectivity and superior adjacent channel performance. The AMCM-860 takes baseband audio and video from any standard source such as satellite receivers, video tape recorders, DVD players or television demodulators and modulates to the desired output channel.

  • Meets FCC Docket 21006 Aeronautical Frequency Offset Requirements
  • Three Year Warranty Front Panel Accessible Level Controls for Easy Set-Up and Adjustments
  • Die-Cast Chassis Offers Superior Protection Against Ingress or Egress
  • Supports All Broadcast and CATV Channels, Including HRC and IRC Assignments from 54 to 860 MHz
Additional Information
Spec Sheet

Please Note: The current AMCM-860 (7766D) includes Audio Automatic Gain Control. This Audio AGC feature provides consistent audio level among all broadcast programs on different channels and among different programs within the same channel and eliminates loudness varaitions between programs.

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