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BIDA 86B-30 Broadband Indoor Distribution Amplifier

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NSC Item Number: 5900-83
Manufacturer: Blonder Tongue Labs
MSRP: $683.00
Price: $546.00
Product Specs
Broadband Indoor Distribution Amplifier, 30 dB, 54-860 MHz, Integrated Active Return, 5-42 MHz

The Blonder Tongue BIDA-ARP is a completely self-contained broadband indoor distribution amplifier designed specifically for CATV and SMATV signal distribution systems which use a cable drop as a signal source. Seventeen models are available with bandwidths ranging from 49-550 MHz to 49-1000 MHz, gains of either 30 dB or 43 dB, and push-pull or power doubling hybrid technology.

All models have a return path bandwidth of 5-36 MHz and can be configured for either a passive (as shipped) or active return. When field configured to an active return the BIDA-ARP Series have a full gain of 20 dB. All models can be attenuated over a range of 10 dB in the forward path and 18 dB in the return path. Gain and slope controls are located on the front panel for easy set-up and adjustment. Two -30 dB backmatched test points are provided to permit testing without interruption of service.
In applications where input signals are too high or where greater cable equalization is necessary, the BIDA-ARP can be reconfigured by using plug-in fixed attenuators (forward and return) and cable slope equalizers (forward) to meet particular requirements.
Push-pull and power doubling hybrid modules, hybrid IC modules enable the BIDA-ARP to operate at high output levels while retaining low distortion characteristics.
The aluminum chassis is designed to provide excellent heat dissipation thus allowing operation at high ambient temperatures with no degradation of performance or reliability.

  • Provides Two-Way Capability with an Active or Passive Return Path Set by Field-Changeable Jumpers.
  • Hybrid IC Circuitry for High Output with Low Distortion.
  • Front Panel Gain and Slope Controls for Easy Adjustments.
  • Sockets for Hybrid IC to Make a Hybrid IC Change in the Field.
  • Forward Path Input-Side Plug-In Fixed Attenuator and Cable Equalizer for Optimum Performance.
  • Return Path Output-Side Fixed Attenuator for Optimum Performance.
  • Externally Accessible Test Points Permit In-Service Testing.
  • Exceeds FCC Specs for Both Conducted and Radiated Interference at Full Output Level.
  • External “UL Listed” Power Transformer.

 Spec Sheet

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