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DA8632 Distribution Amplifier

NSC Item Number: 2707
Manufacturer: Drake
MSRP: $629.00
On Sale Now!: $398.05
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Product Specs
*** Limited Quantities ***

The R.L. Drake model DA7533, DA7543, DA8632 and DA8642 broadband distribution amplifiers are designed for indoor use in both residential and commercial buildings where RF signal distribution in the frequency range of 49 to 750 or 860 MHz is required. Each model incorporates a push-pull hybrid input preamp and a power doubled hybrid output amplifier to provide a very low distortion signal for a cable television "drop", the output of an SMATV headend, or a small CATV headend. The Gain and Slope controls both have a range of 10 dB minimum and operate between the preamp hybrid and the output hybrid to maintain a low noise figure over a wide range of gain and slope settings.

Double-sided, plated through hole, glass epoxy printed circuit boards, and SMT construction are used for low losses and maximum reliability.

The unit features three user selectable return path choices (internal jumper selectable): 

1) No return path. 
2) Passive return path with variable 10 dB attenuator. 
3) Built in active return path.

Input and output test connectors are provided for convenient monitoring of the signal path. The amplifier circuitry is designed for maximum stability, low distortion, low noise figure, and is protected in a rugged aluminum housing.

The unit operates from a nominal 26 VAC provided by the supplied 120 VAC, 60 Hz input AC Adapter.

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