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NSC Item Number: 6370-2
Manufacturer: Blonder Tongue Labs
MSRP: $6,244.00
On Sale Now!: $3,994.75
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Product Specs

DirecTV Approved HDTV Encoder/QAM Modulator - Now Less than $500 per Channel!

HDE-8C-QAM w/Opt 2 (MPEG-2 HD Encoder: 8xComponent/Composite to 4xQAM) accepts up to eight analog programs from any of the following inputs: 8xComponent and 8xComposite. The encoder is equipped with a spare input (9th input) to replace any one of the primary eight inputs in the event of a failure.

The encoder digitizes, MPEG-2 encodes each input into a high-definition stream, multiplexes the resulting eight streams, and then modulates them onto four adjacent watermarked QAM channels in the 54-1002 MHz range (CATV 2-158). Any one of the four QAM outputs is also available in ASI format.

The encoder supports Dolby® Digital audio encoding, and Closed Captioning (EIA-608) for each of the eight encoded programs. It is also equipped with an Emergency Alert System (EAS) interface consisting of a composite video and L/R audio program input. EAS triggering is via a 5-12 VDC input or dry contact closure available from most EAS receivers. A front-panel RF test point allows for monitoring/testing of the QAM output without service interruption. Comprehensive remote monitoring and control is accomplished using any standard Web browser via a rear-panel 10/100Base-T Ethernet connection.

The encoder accepts eight analog programs from DIRECTV Network’s H25-100 satellite receivers. In the event of a failure on any one of the primary eight receivers, the HDE-8C-QAM w/Opt 2 will automatically switch over to the spare receiver to maintain the program stream. Remote monitoring and control of up to nine DIRECTV Network’s H25-100 satellite receivers is provided through UPnP protocol using a standard Web browser via a rear-panel 10/100Base-T Ethernet connection.

  • Accepts up to 8 programs from any of the following inputs: 8xComponent and 8xComposite
  • Supports additional 1 spare input to replace a failed input
  • Digitizes, MPEG-2 encodes, and multiplexes up to 8 inputs into 4 QAM output channels (2 programs per QAM channel)
  • Provides any 1 of the 4 QAM output streams in ASI format
  • Configurable to ITU-T J.83 Annex A and B digital QAM formats
  • Provides comprehensive GUI-based monitoring and control via standard Web browsers
  • Provides a front-panel RF test point (at 20 dB below primary QAM output)
  • Equipped with EAS interface (Analog Video + L/R Audio) and triggering compatible with all EAS receivers
  • Supports Real-time Dolby® Digital audio encoding
  • Supports Closed Captioning EIA-608 for each of the 8 encoded programs
  • Supports user-defined PSIP configuration

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